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When you partner with Patten Properties, you get a customized, full-service sales and marketing program. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, condo, or land, we’ll design a strategy that gets results. For years we have assisted customers through their purchase process and have a vast knowledge of the Naples area as well as today’s best real estate opportunities in Southwest Florida.

We’re ready to put the experience we’ve gained – and the results we’ve achieved – to work for you. Tap into the Power of Patten Properties, and let’s reach your goals together.

The Team

The Team

We rely on the talents of a highly skilled and experienced team. The company’s culture is founded on integrity and professionalism with a strong client focus and commitment to creating value and opportunity for our clients.

Patten Properties also leverages over one-hundred years of experience in Real Estate, and well-established relationships with institutional investors, real estate brokers, local government officials, title companies and mortgage bankers to ensure an efficient and comprehensive business process for its clients.

Our History

Our History

Patten Properties is recognized as being among the industry’s foremost authority on real estate investment and development across the nation. It’s an expertise cultivated after three generations of experience in all phases of the real estate cycle.

In 2009, the Patten headquarters moved from New England to Naples, relocating some of the most knowledgeable and experienced real estate professionals in the country to Southwest Florida.

And now that knowledge is available to you, whenever you need it.

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We’re very excited about the development and all the new people coming to our area. We’re excited about the Grand Ranch being part of our community and part of our county.

After purchasing new homesites and welcoming Texas Grand Ranch to the community, new owners and local real estate experts wanted to share a few words with Patten Companies about their experience.

They’re (Patten Companies) just very energetic. They’re great business people, very smart. I’ve worked with other developers from a title agent standpoint, and Patten Companies is wonderful to work with. I felt confident that they’re going to take care of the project. I would most definitely recommend a Patten Companies property. I bought one!

Patten Companies understands the customer, the home buyer is to be treated like the King, because frankly none of us would be here without them.


One thing is for sure, we know that the Patten family and its partners are in it for the long haul. They pioneered the resort community development. These guys are the best in the business. What am I saying? They created this business. And it shows.

We’re very glad that they decided to use local people. There’s other local contractors working out here. It helps everything flow better. The revenue stays in our local community. Anytime you come to a new area its very good to use your local people and Patten Companies have been very good about that.

They really are on the ball about how to develop it and making it a nice place to live.